Broken Spring Replacement

Broken Spring – At Garage Door Repair Santa Fe NM we are specialize in replacing broken springs weather your garage door system operated with extension springs or torsion springs and whether it is at residential, commercial or industrial property, our experts with average of 15 years in the garage door industry can preform all types of garage door broken spring replacement tasks. Each garage door springs have a limited lifespan that is measured in cycles, each time when your garage door opening up and closing down it consider as on cycle. While most of the garage door companies in Santa Fe and in the entire garage door industry using garage door springs with 10,000 cycles life expectancy, at Garage Door Repair Santa Fe NM we are using garage door springs with 30,000 cycles life expectancy, witch mean 3 times more than our competitors! This is the main reason why we are offering, not like any other garage door repair company, great warranties to any of our garage door repair jobs and especially for garage door spring replacement.